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Ben Siegel


Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden

(Large Restaurant, 150+ Employees)

“As an entrepreneur, I often get stuck trying to solve problems on my own. Scott is an incredible listener & a master at extracting the information required to make a decision or formulate a plan. He knows how to sift through the garbage in my mind to find the gold I never knew was there.” 

Brian Schoenbaum


Vuka Coworking & Events

(Commercial Real Estate, Hospitality Events)

“Scott has the uncanny ability to take large, complex challenges & distill them down to bite-size actionable steps in an organized & clear manner all while getting buy-in from the team. The framework and systems he’s put in place have had immense and immediate value.”



If you're trying to solve any of the puzzles below, let's chat:


You're Winging It: Your company isn't being built off of a thoughtful blueprint. You're trying to keep your head above water but unexpected challenges keep popping up and putting you behind. You want more certainty and peace of mind.  


Your Team Setup: You're unsure if your team is the best fit. Some members might be in the wrong roles, and others might not belong in the company at all. You want more cohesion & alignment. 


Getting Organized: Your team's work feels scattered, important information isn't shared, and deadlines are often missed. You want to improve, but you're not sure where to start.


Reviving Your Culture: Your team's energy has faded, and good people are leaving. You want to make your team's environment better and more satisfying.


Starting Something New: Beginning a new venture has you overwhelmed by all the moving pieces. You're unsure if you're covering all the bases to reduce risks.


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Working Session Agenda


During this in-depth 90-minute working session, we'll delve into key aspects of your background and business to provide you with actionable insights and a roadmap for moving forward. Here's a breakdown of what our session will cover:


1. Exploring Your Journey: We'll start by discussing your background, experiences, and values. Understanding where you've come from will help me tailor an approach to your unique circumstances.

2. Business Overview: Let's take a comprehensive look at your business. You'll share an overview of your operations, goals, and aspirations, allowing me to gain a clear understanding of your vision.

3. Assessing Operational Efficiency: We'll assess your current business operations. This analysis will highlight areas of improvement and untapped growth opportunities.

4. Addressing Challenges: Every journey encounters obstacles. We'll pinpoint the challenges you're facing, your "kryptonite," and discuss strategies to navigate and overcome these hurdles.

5. Crafting Your Roadmap: Based on our discussion, we'll collaboratively create a roadmap tailored to your goals. This strategic plan will outline projects and milestones to guide you toward success.

6. Q&A and Discussion: Throughout the session, we'll engage in an open dialogue. This is your time to ask questions, seek clarification, and gain insights into my recommendations for your unique situation.


By the end of our session, you'll have a clearer understanding of your strengths, the root causes of your unique challenges, and a roadmap designed to impact your business. I aim to provide you with practical guidance that you can implement for meaningful change.


(Please note that the agenda may be adjusted based on your specific needs and priorities.)

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With 16 years of hands-on experience as a Founder, CEO, COO, and Management Consultant in the startup world, Scott has a special knack for understanding where you might be facing difficulties, figuring out why these challenges arise, and coming up with practical solutions to untangle them.

What makes him stand out is that he's not just experienced – he also embodies the top traits of a COO, recognized worldwide. He's not afraid to take calculated risks, loves making decisions based on facts and numbers, is always eager to learn, and is skilled at methodically solving problems to get things done. In short, he's a great fit for this role, backed by a lot of real-world know-how, and fueled by a genuine passion for what he does.

(If you're curious about his own entrepreneurial journey, you can learn more about it here.)

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If I can't genuinely assist you and impact your business, I won't pretend otherwise. I don't want to waste your time, but more importantly (to me), I don't want to waste my time either. If your needs are better suited elsewhere, I won't hesitate to point you in that direction.

To avoid any potential moral hazard or clouded objectivity, I do not accept any referral fees from other consultants; when I recommend someone, it's because I genuinely believe they can provide valuable help. 


I have an insatiable curiosity for understanding what makes individuals unique. For over two decades, I've immersed myself in various scientific personality assessments. These tools have empowered me to assemble exceptional teams for both my ventures and clients.

They've also been incredibly helpful mental models as I've navigated not just the startup world, but a wife of 20 years and raising three children (ages 7, 10, 12).


The coolest part of my job is seeing the important trends that show up when I work with entrepreneurs from different fields whether it's SaaS, Hospitality, Manufacturing, or Expertise Firms (legal, accounting, etc.). I'm always learning, and it's like a two-way street – I teach my clients things, and I learn from them too. I use what I learn to keep getting even better at what I do.

I spend a big chunk of my time studying businesses and talking to founders. Not because I have to, but because I'm really into it. This isn't just work for me – I seriously love what I do.

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James Younger



(Saas, Two-sided Marketplace)

“Scott was able to come in and quickly see where he could make the biggest impact on our company and plot a path forward. He has an excellent sense of accountability and is very ‘results-oriented’, ensuring that our entire team was comfortable with our new systems and processes. I would highly recommend Scott for any team or company looking to implement or improve operational systems and I look forward to working with him again!”

Jennifer Fudge

Chief Operating Officer


(Commercial Insurance Brokerage)

“Scott provided guidance and tools to take our organization to the next level. Our meetings have become more efficient, giving back precious time to our team members. Our project management now has a platform that creates much-needed transparency and accountability.”

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Clay Langdon

Founder, CMO / CSO


(Brand Strategy Firm)

"Up against an extremely challenging business environment, impossible timelines, and hopeless budgets, Scott mobilized a top-flight crew and consistently executed with excellence and awe-inspiring hustle. He accomplished in four months what would take most operators a year or two just to figure out. He's a talented team quarterback, can keep a lot straight in his head at once, and has a gift for mobilizing people to work together effectively."

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