It’s the business of running a business that trips up most owners, not the vision that led them to start a company in the first place. It’s struggling with critical fundamentals like business planning, hiring & developing teams, managing projects, & tracking cash that keeps them from reaching their potential. We can help.

The most common issues we come across are:

  • Lack of Planning: Companies struggling to get traction aren’t taking time away from the day-to-day to plan properly. Skipping annual and quarterly planning can leave a company feeling like a ship without a rudder. Getting out of the daily grind to work on the business provides clarity around where you want to go and ensures the goals you set will get you there. 
  • Poor Hiring Process: Businesses are nothing more than a group of people solving a problem together. If a company isn’t actively screening people for personality traits, proper work experience, & culture fit, they’re allowing people in the door that can do more harm than good. Having a thorough screening process for allowing people into your tribe ensures they’ll be additive to what you’re building.
  • Lack of Systems: Companies that aren’t centralizing the management of their team’s work will experience confusion about who is doing what. The result is missed deadlines & incomplete work, disappointed customers, and frustrated teams. Having the proper tools, systems, and meetings in place avoids duplicated effort, creates high-functioning teams, and builds trust with customers.
  • Not Measuring: “That which is measured, improves.” - Karl Pearson. Companies that aren’t measuring their performance regularly struggle to see what direction they’re going or how fast they’re traveling. Checking key performance indicators (KPI’s) weekly in each department ensures the company is on the right path and headed towards success.

We teach small and medium-sized companies to address these issues so they can make better decisions, build better teams, and bring their vision to life.


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Scott Grubb



After a 5-year Fortune 50 tour at Dell & Apple in sales, I realized that I wasn’t cut out for life inside a massive organization. So, I left my corporate job in 2008 and have been in the startup space ever since.

But, in 2018, I decided to leave the venture-backed tech company I co-founded after almost bankrupting my family due to missing all the red flags along the way.  I stepped into every pitfall imaginable as a founder, and after going 2 years without a paycheck and often funding company payroll with my life savings, I had to leave to support my family of five. 

I went on to work as a Chief Operating Officer inside some amazing organizations that were operating at the tip of the spear, including an Education SaaS company that was acquired multiple times and a high-volume COVID testing company for local governments and higher education institutions during the pandemic that I took from concept to market in under a month.  

Now I run a management-consulting firm advising founders on execution and helping them avoid the mistakes I made, and I create digital products for Vision to Life with the same mission - teaching operational excellence to give entrepreneurs peace of mind so they can show up for their teams and loved ones. 

When I'm not guiding founders or creating content for Vision to Life, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my wife, Laura, my daughter, Sawyer, and my two sons, Sagan & Sullivan. My other passions include playing golf, learning musical instruments, and personal goal-setting.

Scott Grubb



I always wanted to retire to the classroom. As a lifelong learner and perpetually curious person, I can’t imagine a day that I would “stop working.” In my 20’s, I thought that the classroom would be a physical location, ideally on the University of Alabama campus. Now thanks to technological advances, the classroom is everywhere. Through the decades, I am grateful that my skill set has expanded and a platform like Vision to Life exists to create the ideal community and opportunity to fulfill that dream. 

Scott Grubb and I met during our work together during the pandemic. We made an excellent team of driven entrepreneurs and consultants navigating our clients through turbulent times. We also realized that our distinct and disparate backgrounds made our collaborations stronger and more meaningful. I couldn’t respect Scott and his work more…and we couldn’t be any more different in our backgrounds, our experiences, and even our “dots.” More on that later. 

With a foundation in leadership and sales, I thrive on connections, collaborations, and contributions. As evidenced by my team at Seventh Scout, we prioritize productivity over time spent at a desk. We shy away from counting hours to show our worth and continue to produce work and projects valued by our clients. There isn’t a better feeling than finishing your work early and having time back on your calendar to enjoy with family, friends, or even alone. 


Ever since college, I have known that I love advocating for others and leading teams. 

After receiving my MBA from the University of Texas top 20 ranked MBA Program, I returned to my hometown of New Orleans to pursue a career in banking and financial services. These experiences and skills help me guide our clients to develop marketing plans that are sound and reasonable matching the expenses to profitability. 

Hurricane Katrina swept me back to Austin in 2005, and ever since then, I have forgotten to move back home. While in Austin, I was a wealth manager at the worlds largest wealth manager, UBS. I helped found L Style G Style, was an angel investor and CEO of Ticketbud, Sales Director at Bazaarvoice, and now the owner of Seventh Scout, a woman-owned, LBGTE Cerified marketing agency. 

 I am grateful to this city for welcoming me back and allowing me to serve on such prestigious boards as our NPR stations KUT and KUTX, The Long Center for the Performing Arts, The Seton 50, and others.

Remaining connected to our community is core to our team and agency. Through the years, our pro-bono Seventh Scout Scholars have included The Hill Country Ride for AIDS, The Austin LGBT Chamber, The Long Center, and more.

Lynn’s Distinctions

Top 20 Women Trailblazers
Student Body President - First Woman Elected
Greek Woman of the Year
Most Outstanding Sophomore
University of Alabama

Top Asset Gatherer and Rookie of the Year 2006
UBS Financial Services

Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award
The Human Rights Campaign - Austin Chapter

Nomination - Women in Business (formerly Profiles in Power)
Austin Business Journal

Business of the Year 2020
Austin LGBT Chamber Chamber of Commerce

Best Website of the Year - AMY’s
Seventh Scout


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