Go Solo Features Vision to Life's Scott Grubb on Entrepreneurial Journey

vision to life news Oct 11, 2022
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In September, Go Solo featured Scott Grubb, Vision to Life Founder. Go Solo is a magazine that inspires ambitious solo entrepreneurs to turn “one day” into day one. Go Solo focuses on sharing stories about starting a business, growing an audience, and achieving work-life balance.

Read an excerpt from Scott's Interview with Go Solo and learn why operational management is key to business. 

Excerpt from Interview:

"I always knew I wanted to captain my own ship, and I’d always had a passion for organizing things. This dates back to when I was seven years old, and my entire room was plastered with Michael Jordan & Bo Jackson posters, cards, hats, you name it. I’d spend hours organizing all of my collection, and that’s something that has never changed. Today, I just apply that passion to organizing companies.

"After a 5-year Fortune 50 tour at Dell & Apple in sales, I realized that I wasn’t cut out for life inside a massive organization. It was very difficult for one’s work to have an impact. So, I left my corporate job to start an HR-consulting brokerage firm for blue-collar companies. It was my first taste of entrepreneurship, where I got to eat what I killed or risk starving to death. I loved it, and I never looked back.

"As founders, we stepped into nearly every pitfall imaginable and learned many tough lessons the hard way. I learned from all these mistakes since operating small startups and working inside high-performing organizations. Vision To Life is a learning community committed to teaching entrepreneurs about the critical fundamentals of operating a company. This includes creating and living to core values, proper planning, extensive hiring process, and budgeting and forecasting cash flow."

Read the full interview with Scott, "Growth Through Operational Excellence - Vision to Life" in Go Solo's Entrepreneur Stories.

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