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If you're trying to solve any of the puzzles below, let's chat:

You Feel Like A Ship Without A Rudder: You can see in your head what you're trying to build, but you're having a hard time articulating it to others. As a result, progress is slow or you feel like you're drifting off course. 

Your Team Setup: You're unsure if your team is the best fit. Some people might be in the wrong roles, and others might not belong in the organization at all. 

Getting Organized: Your team's work feels scattered, important information isn't shared, and deadlines are often missed. You want to improve, but you're not sure where to start.

Reviving Your Culture: Your team's energy has faded, and good people are leaving. You want to make your team's environment better and more satisfying.

Starting Something New: Beginning a new venture has you overwhelmed by all the moving pieces. You're unsure if you're covering all the bases to reduce risks.


What you'll get from the call:

  • 90-min working session with Scott

  • A better understanding of yourself and your company's strengths & weaknesses

  • A phased plan of action for improving your chances at not just surviving, but thriving